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Long night's journey into frustration

OK... we got to CompUSA at 10:40 in order to do the surgical strike shopping routine and get the following:

two USB 2.0 PCI cards, advertised at $9.95 each
one USB 2.0 3.5" hard disk enclosure, advertised at $24.95

By midnight (opening time) the line was insane. irpooh was of the opinion, and I could believe it, that there were more people in the store than fire regulations allow. Some jerk shoved past me. It was just about impossible to negotiate the aisles.

I found two USB 2.0 PCI cards that looked like the ones in the ad, asked a store employee where the enclosure was and was pointed at a wall. Five minutes later I was able to move the eight feet over to where there was indeed a USB 2.0 3.5" hard disk enclosure. I also grabbed an nVidia graphics card--irpooh has had some crashes recently that I suspect may be, and in any case she has an ATI card that ATI doesn't deign to support for Linux, and hence doesn't have a semi-reasonable driver. (Semi-reasonable = having feature and speed parity with the manufacturer's Windows drivers for the same hardware. Reasonable = semi-reasonable plus being Open Source. Unfortunately, very few graphics cards have reasonable drivers by my definition.)

We went to the insanely long lines for checkout...

...and on our arrival, were flabbergasted at the $217 total rung up.

"What the? The USB cards are supposedly $10 each, the enclosure $25, and the nVidia card doesn't cost that much..."

We indeed had USB 2.0 PCI cards and a USB 2.0 3.5" hard disk enclosure...just not the ones that were on sale. The ads had zero identifying information for these items, other than the SKU in fine print.

We said "screw it," left the stuff with the checkout guy, and went home.

I may succumb and go back later today to see whether the building occupancy has dropped to sane levels so that I can actually see what I'm getting, and whether the locust swarm left anything behind... but is looking pretty damned good right now and for the forseeable future.

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