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On the most recent trip back from Oklahoma, when we stopped for the night in El Dorado (pronounced with a long "a," as any local will tell you) Kansas, we stopped at the brand new Wal-Mart supercenter on the road into town for beverages. I happened across a box full of DVDs of movies starring and/or directed by [well-known star that my lady wife likes a lot] for $6 minus epsilon each, including [film] in which my lady wife had a part.

Last night, I saw that the bag they were in had been knocked over, and I picked up the DVDs. Then I opened the box with the DVD of [film], and found my lady wife's name in the credits...and kicked myself once again for not doing something that, before our wedding, I considered doing.

A while before we were married, an idea occurred to me one morning... that I should write [well-known star] in care of [production company] and say "Dear [well-known star], You don't know me from Adam, but shortly I'm going to marry [name] who played [role] in [film], and it would mean a lot if you could find the time to send her a card wishing her well."

I didn't do it, and every so often I think of that, and kick myself again.

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