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"I'm the king of the world!" .... just ask me.

Back in the days that BBSs were popular, one common sort of BBS user was the kind who took a handle like Lord Doofus, Master of All I Survey... well, except for spelling and grammar. Perhaps such users were the inspiration for B1FF of Jargon File fame.

These days, Lord Doofus and his ilk are prevalent on some message boards; the G4 message boards are a good source. (Are gamers more likely to be Lord Doofus types? I have suspicions, but not enough data.)

I'd long forgotten about Lord Doofus and his ilk, until I happened onto alt.fairs.renaissance. What amazes me is how many of the posters there have extremely long signatures full of self-ascribed titles and memberships in assorted groups. I see some of the same on the message board of a web site for people interested in Renaissance fairs that I frequent. I hasten to add that they're in no way bozos like the Lord Doofus types were, but the common feature of self-awarded titles is interesting, and I wonder whether there is some common cause.

(I guess that's one thing I really like about the SCA; titles are earned by right of arms, skills in arts and sciences, or service to the realm. I have a few SCA awards... that I don't have more or more prestigious ones doesn't bug me, because it's fair. I haven't put out the required effort, and in any case, the award isn't the point—what you've done is the point. Whether it results in an award is irrelevant.)

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