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Printer, etc.

Well...we got the CD with the Linux driver, though it looks like Samsung hasn't bothered to do anything to support their printer under Gentoo. Grumble, grumble. They're going to hear about this.

It comes up; it prints sample pages and status pages. It says it's set for DHCP, but it's not paying a darn bit of attention to the Linksys box that serves as DHCP server for our local network as well as connecting to the cable modem; it insists that its IP address is! I think that irpooh is going to get instruction in what to say to the Samsung support people tomorrow... but we are getting closer.

Now for the sad part...while looking at the DHCP active IP table, with Emeril Live in the background, I saw Paddy Moloney's familiar impish grin and thought "Whoa! He has the Chieftains on!" A second later as they panned across I thought to myself "Where's Derek Bell...uh-oh." Alas, my fears proved true, and I'm saddened, not to mention extremely embarrassed at not having known, as it's been over two years.

Time to put on Derek Bell's Musical Ireland.

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