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RIP, Billie's computer

We came home to find the power LED on and nothing else. Power LED on implies the power supply is probably OK, and hence it's motherboard or CPU. Socket 939 probably isn't worth hanging onto, so we move to AM2/AM2+ most likely.

I'm sure she'll love the speed increase and better graphics (to save some $$$, I'll put in the nVidia 8600 I used before getting a 9800 GT; she's been chugging along with a 6200), but we really didn't need this to hit while she's preparing for Lilies War.

Next question is--do I try a local shop like DIT or Dymin, or go with newegg or Tiger and pray for or spring for delivery by Friday?

sideband , it served well and for sneaking up on a couple of years. Thank you for letting me buy it.


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