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Up next: "free choice" and, under some label, the "Fairness Doctrine"

Well... now that three RINO senators allowed the obscenity of a "stimulus" bill to get through (ah, but don't disturb the Obamessiah's three-day weekend! It was too important to let wait until we could actually find out what it contains, but The One is taking his own sweet time to sign it...), here's what we can expect next:
  • The deceitully-named "Employee Free Choice Act," which will unionize companies in which a majority of employees sign a card requesting it, unlike the laws in effect today, which provide for a secret ballot after 30 percent of employees sign cards. With a secret ballot, employees can make their choice free of intimidation; the card signing has no such safeguards, and allows for all sorts of peer pressure and intimidation by union... OK, free association time, "union"... thugs! Right! (After all, we are talking about the kind of folks who toss cinder blocks off overpasses to hit buses driven by non-union workers, or to use the union terminology, "scabs".)
  • Government control over the media via the return of the "Fairness Doctrine", possibly with a new name including the word "balance." (And remember, Cass Sunstein, new head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, favors something like the Fairness Doctrine for the Internet, so bloggers aren't safe.)
There... don't you feel better now?

UPDATE: More accurately, a "scab" is a "strikebreaker", someone who goes to work despite a strike being underway and thus to an extent undercuts the union's monopoly on the source of labor. Why is it that monopolies and cartels are evil, but unions are supposedly good?


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