November 20th, 2009


Save Numb3rs

From Rob Morrow's Facebook page:

"Hi All, CBS has pulled us back to 16 eps from an original order of 22. not a good sign. but, we're not over yet. we need a big write-in campaign. ya'll have to get everyone u know to blitz the network with unrelenting letters. keep numbers alive....

here is the address:
Nina Tassler
President, CBS Entertainment
4024 Radford Ave., Room 3118
Studio City, CA 91604

thanks all, rob m"

Numb3rs is a fresh breath of rationality and favorable view of math in popular entertainment; the two hours of dreck that precede it drive the point home. Please consider expressing your opinion to the folks at CBS.
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Thanks, sideband

Sure enough, reseating the DVD data connector did the trick.This means that I have a spare DVD burner to make up for my forgetting to order one for my sister's new computer, which we'll be building shortly. Yay!
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