November 5th, 2009


hard drive prices, and redundancy

I'm still amazed at how they've plummeted. I recall a coworker once who bought a hard drive that would hold a whole gigabyte! It was a SCSI drive, 5.25", full height, and cost a bit over a thousand dollars. You'd never fill that, I thought, just as a few years earlier I thought I'd never fill the thirty megabytes available on the hard drive I hooked up to my CoCo 3.

Tomorrow morning, the UPS guy will hand me a SATA II hard drive that's 3.5", half height, holds 1500 times as much as that gigabyte hard drive, and costs a tenth as much. Initially. It's also a "green" hard drive, so I'm sure it will consume far less electricity than the old SCSI hard drive did. It will slide right into a D-Link NAS unit I've seen recommended by several sources, and I'll set it up to keep backups of irpooh 's and my systems.

As a wise person once said, though, the correct number of something to have is either zero, one, or infinitely many, and if you listen to Leo Laporte's Tech Guy shows*, you regularly hear him say, "If there's only one copy of something, it's not backed up." Also, there's the whole offsite backup issue. What do you folks do?

*If you listen to Kim Komando for non-comedic reasons, I urge  you to switch to the Tech Guy show.

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