October 24th, 2009


Grumble, grumble--darned DVD/CD burner

So, the Karmic Koala  release candidate install went without a hitch on the netbook, and it was time for my home computer, eeyore, to get the treatment.

Back everything up to the little purple USB drive (all 120 GB of it--nice time for a nap), insert the CD I'd just burned, reboot, watch the little startup screen, wait for it to time out and go to the default Live CD boot (for some reason, the Ubuntu Live CD doesn't deign to notice the USB keyboard, not initially)--and see the "ERROR -- can't read CD" message.

Tried it again--same result.

Reboot into 9.04, and try to burn another CD--and it doesn't notice that I've put a blank CD in the drive. Put in a Best of Judy Collins CD... and Sound Juicer doesn't notice it's there.

What are the chances that the DVD/CD burner would die on me just then, I ask you?
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