October 16th, 2009


"I'm gettin' old, babe..."

Last Sunday, irpooh and I were trying to remember a song part of which was going through her head. ".... Beecher, my English teacher" was what she remembered. I remembered the tune, but was fuzzy on the lyrics. I thought maybe her first name was "Natalie"; to paraphrase Rodney Carrington, "hell, it scanned."

"English" was what foiled my Googling at first, it was "history". Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon, "Abigail Beecher". The lyrics are here.

Why do I feel really, really old? Well, remember those literary anthologies where, for the really old stuff there were footnotes explaining obscure old cultural references and the like that people from WAY back then would catch on to, but we wouldn't? Take a look at those lyrics. Footnotes, explaining really old cultural references (Why did they call Freddy Cannon "Boom Boom"? What's an XKE?  What the [bleep] are the Monkey and the Watusi?).

Excuse me while I go sit on a lawn chair and soak up some sun... oh, wait, this is Iowa in October. Never mind.

EXTRA CREDIT QUESTION (since we're remembering English lit): in what bad movie did a great dancer utter the line quoted in the title?
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