September 26th, 2009


A certain irony

Next weekend is Riverssance.

This makes me very happy indeed, because Riverssance has the most enlightened management I've ever seen at a Renaissance fair. Riverssance's motto is, "There are no problems at Riverssance." Now, in fact, things happen that in other places would be called problems, but here's the secret: the whole idea is, we who perform and otherwise make things happen at Riverssance are adults, and can in the vast majority of cases work things out ourselves with minimal fuss.

Bless you, Fallen Friar Phil.

If you can make it to Sioux City next weekend, by all means attend. If you perform at Renaissance fairs, you should consider performing here.

Ah, but I promised irony, and there's not the slightest trace of irony in the above. Here we go with irony:

One of the groups performing there is called the Kingdom of D'Enes. That's how it's spelled. When it comes to pronunciation, the one and only way I have ever heard their name pronounced is "Kingdom of Dee-En-Ess."

The first time I heard that, I did a double take. "WHAT?! The Kingdom of Domain Name Servers?"

If you're reading this, you very likely already know that a computer that performs the important service of turning a semi-intelligible domain name like "" into a 32-bit number is called a "domain name server", or DNS for short.

So... it had been quite a while, and I was kind of fuzzy on what they do, so I went Googling. The first link was to an angelfire web site, from which they'd moved to, so I thought "Cool, just follow the link." When I tried, I got a page from OpenDNS saying "You tried to visit, which is not loading."  So the DNS couldn't find the web page of the Kingdom of D'Enes. Where's Alanis Morrissette when you need her?
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The other reason I'm happy

The other reason I'm happy, and another of the many reasons I so enjoy going to Riverssance, is this: Riverssance happens on the weekend the closest to Billie's and my wedding anniversary. Riverssance more than makes up for the wedding that we were copiously assured we could have at the Wybreg Renaissance Fair... which then proceeded to never take place again, so that Billie had to plan our wedding twice. There is no place I would rather be for our anniversary than Riverssance.

Once again, bless you, Fallen Friar Phil.
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