September 8th, 2009


Presumed consent

Did  you ever have the misfortune of belonging to a "negative option" book club? One of Obama's czars wants government regulations to be set up like that, in the name of "nudging" you into supposedly good behavior.

That's one of those in which it's assumed that you want the book of the month sent to you, and you have to go out of your way to send it back within a time limit if you don't want it. They're counting on your inertia or being too busy to jump through the hoops to keep from being billed for books you wouldn't otherwise buy.

Cass Sunstein (in addition to thinking that there should be a "Fairness Doctrine" for the Internet) favors that kind of regulation, e.g. assuming that you want your organs harvested when you die unless you go out of your way to decline.

How far would that go, I wonder? How about assuming you want that $1 to fund elections added to your income tax unless you explicitly say "no"? Where would it stop?

UPDATE: Apparently that is not Sunstein's position--instead he favors requiring that you explicitly state whether you wish your organs harvested or not.
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The pleasures of merching

Once upon a time I just sang and played recorder at Renaissance fairs. We'd have a number (usually a small positive integer) of performances each day, and  the rest of the time we could wander, shop, catch other acts, rest, or whatever.

Now I mostly merch. That means for the most part staying in one place, having to be there at the whim of the arriving customer (and you hope there are a lot of whims out there).

That said, there are compensations; I'm not complaining.

Being in a fixed location means no galumphing across the site from one stage to the next. You get to know your neigbors.

What we do is particularly rewarding, with the reward being what on cheesy reality shows they call "the reveal".

Last year we took a particular picture and when we printed it, I knew that as far as getting a good picture was concerned, we could pack it up; it wouldn't get any better.

Yesterday, we took the corresponding picture for this year. Newlyweds, looking at each other. It kicked major posterior.

irpooh did the real work; I just cropped, put on the logo, and printed--but just participating to that extent was a great pleasure.

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