August 16th, 2009


another green thumb at a town hall meeting (hint--she's definitely not a Republican)

A woman named Roxana Mayer appeared at a "town hall" meeting held by Sheila Jackson Lee and stated her support of Obamacare, claiming to be a "general practitioner". Turns out she's a graduate student in social work. Oh yes... she was also an organizer and delegate for the Obama campaign last year.

The Houston Chronicle ran a photo of her, identifying her as a "pediatric primary care physician". Later on, they stripped that description, and pulled the "Dr." from in front of her name.

Details here.

P.S. A photo of her at the meeting shows her sitting next to a woman who happens to be the one who put up a Che Guevara poster at the Obama campaign office she worked at.

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End of the public option? Perhaps--for now

The AP claims the Obama administration is ready to give up on the so-called "public option", which if adopted would quickly become an option in the Model T paint color sense. (No, not Hobson's, because health coverage would be mandatory, and the IRS would be sent the information necessary to confirm it.)

I don't think it's time to claim victory, though; I recall the Iowa county "optional" one-cent sales tax. Polk County kept voting it down, and the advocates of it kept putting it up for a ballot, with the vote being held at times chosen to keep the turnout down, until they got what they wanted. Even if The One doesn't manage to pass anything, all the horrid existing involvement of government in health care is still there and still needs to be eliminated. So for now I'm just hopeful.

Yes, the media is noticing people's reactions at town hall meetings, but I'm certain that the administration hopes that we'll vent and then do nothing else. Keep the pressure on your Congresscritters up.
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