August 7th, 2009


KDE 4.3 is official

I have KDE 4.3 running on my home computer, and I really like it. It looks good and seems faster (purely subjective, I hasten to add).

Above all, it does not use that POS gnome-screensaver.

I think I'll go ahead and tell it when next I log in that I want to make the change in default session permanent.
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Language learning

There was a Rosetta Stone commercial on just now as I type that started "Are you one of the many people struggling to learn a language?" and going on to claim that their software made learning a language simple.

I don't know whether it does or not--I recall Jack Seward writing that he wanted to call a book of instruction in the Japanese language something like Japanese in Twenty-Five Difficult Years, but his publisher didn't think it would go over well--but an alternative commercial sprang to mind:

Worf: Are you one of the many people struggling to learn tlhIngan Hol? Well, good! Life is struggle!

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