July 19th, 2009


Fun with curtation

No, "curtation" isn't rewriting a song in the style of Nirvana; it's a term coined by Stan Kelly-Bootle, the impish humorist of the DP world--or perhaps borrowed, since it has an astronomical meaning. It goes back to the days of old fixed-format data layouts, when too-long data was simply truncated. His example was that of an order placed with a record club for Mozart's Don Giovanni which showed up with a label declaring the contents to be MOZ DONG.

Well, the XM-capable radio in our Pontiac G3 does curtation as well, and it gave me an idea for a rug shampoo when the Classic Vinyl station played that Steppenwolf hit, "Magic Carpet Rid".

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A new portmanteau word

Well, it's new to me, at least.

"Visaster" ([Microsoft Windows] Vista + disaster). At first I thought it might be some misfortune occurring while running Vista, but looking at uses that turn up when googling the term seem to show it being simply used to refer to Vista. (Those are arguably not in conflict, if one considers simply having to use Vista at all a misfortune or disaster.)

Google claims about 192,000 1.68 million seach results for the term, though there may be duplicates, of course.
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