July 18th, 2009


I can't blame the printer for this one...

Well, irpooh was busy printing her documentation for an SCA A&S entry, and asked me to put some photo paper in the new printer. I raised the photo paper and the output trays... and found them stuck in the up position.

I ended up going online with a gentleman from India who went through his list of things to try (including pressing down on the trays with "something soft like a pillow"--I said I was very hesitant to break a $300 printer). He was a nice enough fellow, but I was not making any progress and we were past the time that we hoped to be on our way. So irpooh, who spent quite some time working at a place that repaired printers, fiddled with it and got the trays to lower. She printed, headed to Kinko's to reproduce a handout for kids, and I burned the CDs for her entry, set them on her keyboard, and headed off to wash up and get dressed. When I was ready, I headed up--and left the CDs sitting on the keyboard.

She ended up having to drive back from Ames to pick them up; fortunately people were willing to rearrange schedules.

The problem: to get the printer to fit, it's placed at right angles to where one would place it if space permitted, and so I was inclined to not raise the trays from the center, but from the side near me, so the trays got slightly cockeyed and stuck. I now know better.

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