July 15th, 2009



"Ye got yer wee printers... and yer not-so-wee printers... and yer FRIGGIN' HUGE PRINTERS!"

OK, I know better than to say I have a frigggin' huge printer. Friggin' huge printers have buildings built around them--though that kind of printer may well be obsolete these days. But this HP Photosmart B8550 is at the very least in the not-so-wee category.

I now have the computer proper sitting under the table. If I'm not careful, I bump into it with my knee, and because I'm right-handed, the cable from the trackball goes down the front of the table rather than the back. But by golly, the printer is on the table.

Next stage: a dual monitor mount. With the right one of those, I hope to reclaim a fair amount of table space (and get them at the same height).

ERRATUM: actually, speakers may be first. I fear that the Monsoon speakers I bought umpteen years ago may have bought the farm.
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