July 2nd, 2009


Oh, we'll fill that in later...

So... last week, the House approved, by a small margin, the cap-and-trade abomination. Do they know what's in it? Probably not; it's a huge bill that had 300 pages inserted by Rep. Melting Nazi--er, Waxman--at the last minute.

Here's the kicker, though: even if someone read the bill, they wouldn't know what's in it, in a sense. If you look at the three-hundred page addition, it includes Section 788, titled [SECTION RESERVED], and with no associated text.

Will it be filled in later? Perhaps even after the bill is passed?
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Want to go to the memorial service for the Caligula of Pop? That'll be $25...

...and while you're there, you can buy some of those "This is It" T-shirts printed up for the tour that won't happen, at least not with Michael Jackson actually taking part. More info here.

UPDATE: now the news stations are saying tickets will be free, and they'll be distributed via a lottery.

Ringling Brothers, Barnum  & Bailey is set to play the Staples Center, where the memorial will take place, the three days following the service; I don't envy them the delay in setting up. A representative said that RBB&B is not associated with the service. Alas, he didn't say the obvious: it will be enough of a circus as it is. (Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are jockeying for a major role in the service.)

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The problem with dual head monitor setups

When Staples offered a 19" LCD monitor for $90, I succumbed to temptation and set myself up for dual monitor operation. Now it's biting me in the posterior.

I finally had it up to here with the Epson printer we've been using. The paper feed mechanism is broken on one side, after no more use than we gave it over the Des Moines RenFair and the Halloween event, and the bulk feed ink setup is a messy, clumsy device that was problematic immediately (the magenta tank leaks, though I know of nothing that we did that would have caused that) and that has an outrageous initial cost--and it has to have cartridges that match the printer it was made for, so it's tied to that particular model. Maybe we should buy another Epson printer of that type, if they can still be had.

Anyway... after some research, I settled on the HP Photosmart B8550. Very good reviews, and one can get either plain vanilla cartridges or XL cartridges with roughly 2.5 times as much ink as the ordinary ones, and it will do 13" x 17" prints--or banners up to 13" x 44".

So... all we have to do now is find a place to put it. If I hadn't gone for dual monitors, no sweat, but as it is, no way, at least no obvious way.

We'll think of something, though, or rather irpooh will. She has done more of this sort of thing. (I never really got into the packing problem in my studies.)

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