July 1st, 2009


Let me get this one straight...

So, an election is stolen in Iran, and protesters are shot in cold blood... and eventually, The One says he's concerned.

Meanwhile, the President of Honduras tries by illegal means (according to the Honduran constitution) to make it possible for him to be president for life, and ends up arrested following a Supreme Court decision that he can't do such a thing... and the Obamessiah and the State Department immediately shriek "military coup".

More information here.

UPDATE: see also here and here.

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Eee 900A for $150

geeks.com is offering a discount on the Eee 900A through July 7th; follow the link for details. Caveats:
  1. The very first thing  you'll want to do is wipe the Xandros Linux  off it. Install MoonOS, or Easy Peasy, or Moblin, or Ubuntu Netbook Remix. That will let you function with the tiny 4GB SSD it comes with.
  2. That tiny SSD makes up for its small size by being terribly slow. You'll want to replace it--be careful with the tiny screws, but if I could do it, you can. I spent about $100 for a respectable speed 32 GB SSD; the price has gone down since then. I also maxed out the RAM at 2GB for $20; so cheap that it's a no-brainer.
With those changes, the Eee 900A is a heck of a device. Three hours on a charge with the stock batteries, though you can get ones that will go twice as long... and I may do that someday, too, though the nVidia Ion chipset is tempting.
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