June 13th, 2009


Over the line

I suppose it's possible that David Letterman isn't a smarmy asshole in real life, but just plays one on TV--but I would tend to think that were that the case, he'd have a conscience, and hence wouldn't do what he does for a living.

I watched his show once, long ago, and found it utterly unfunny. His shtik consists largely of having people on his show in order to mock them, and his audience consists of people who need the implied knowing wink and message of "you and I are far hipper than this [insert derogatory term here]" to prop up their self-esteem. irpooh and I make jokes about changing the channel in time to escape the supposed torture of watching Letterman, as we do about Regis Philbin. So were it not for the news and the web, we'd have been blissfully ignorant of Letterman's latest actions.

It doesn't, or shouldn't, matter what you think of Sarah Palin. Joking about the statutory rape of a fourteen-year-old is over the line.
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In fashion

Here's the story as I read it in Felton and Fowler's Best, Worst, and Most Unusual:

"Worst Color: It caused a sensation in the French court when the young Dauphin, son of Marie Antoinette, publicly displayed his ignorance of toilet training. The delightfully uninhibited boy inspired the fashion designers to create a whole line of clothes in a new color, Caca Dauphin."

The condo complex in which I live desperately needs a lot of work done to it--there are drainage issues, ancient heating and air conditioning units, the driveway, the pseudo-patios... so what are they doing? Repainting the doors and wooden parts of the hallway, of course.

They were white.

Now they're Caca Dauphin.

I am not, as Dave Berry would say, making this up.

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Speaking of fashion...

For a long time, the fashion in infomercials was to have some annoying guy with a Cockney accent hawking a product. Lately, though, Cockney Guy is no longer de rigueur; informercials have switched to cleavage to push their products.

I'd be less than honest if I denied thinking it an improvement.

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President Thug, Part Two

The Obamessiah just fired Gerald Walpin, the Inspector General of the Americorps program.

Why? Well, Walpin investigated a charity called "St. Hope". He found that much of an $850K grant it received from Americorps was misspent, e.g. paying people to run errands for and wash the car of Kevin Johnson, former pro basketball player and the guy who started St. Hope.

Oh, yeah... Johnson is also a prominent supporter of Obama.

An Inspector General is supposed to be independent, reporting to both the President and Congress. According to the law, the President has to give Congress thirty days' notice of firing an Inspector General along with the reasons for doing so. Instead, Obama had a Special Counsel, Norman Eisen, phone Walpin and demand that he resign in an hour or he'd be fired

More information at the Washington Examiner.

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