June 11th, 2009


Not paying attention

The first instance I remember was in high school. Glancing through the stacks, I read a book title Unions and What They Do as Onions and What They Do. Since then, every so often I notice myself misreading or mishearing something. (Of course, one has to wonder how many times I don't notice...)

The latest example: a commercial for the US Postal Service's Express Mail, in which those speaking seem, at least to the casual listener, to not enunciate their plosives very well, so that I (and irpooh -- I asked her whether she heard what I thought I heard) heard a word very different in meaning when they said "ship".

"If it fits, it ships."
"...a new way to ship..."


UPDATE: Amazingly, amazon.com lists several sources of used copies of Unions and What They Do. I think I'll pass, especially on the one outfit that is asking $268.87 for a copy.

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I think I can sympathize, sideband

Billie called from near the Polo/Lathrop exit on her way to Lilies War; the van was making a nasty noise.

She made it to the Philips 66. The oil drain plug was loose or not lined up with the threads or something, and the recently-changed oil was, in large part, along I-35 between Des Moines and the Polo/Lathrop exit.

So--the folks who changed the oil last? Some random jerk who got some sick jollies from the thought of ruining someone's engine? I think the former, but these days, who knows?
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