June 9th, 2009


Fun with "tu quoque"

If you don't remember your rhetoric/logical fallacies, "tu quoque" is the fallacy in which an action is excused by accusing the other party of having done it as well.

Funny I should use the word "party" in this context, as in the US this most often comes up when the actions of one or the other main political parties are under discussion, and these days in particular the economy. The Democrats will, of course, blame all the bad things that happen on the previous administration, and the Republicans on the current administration.

Well... you're both right. It's a floor wax and a dessert topping. "Compassionate conservatism" cost a lot, as did the Iraq war (but OTOH, remember Kitty Genovese? Were all those people who saw her being killed and did nothing doing the right thing?)."Tu quoque" is fallacious because a wrong action is wrong no matter who does it.

Moreover, there's wrong and then there's WRONG. I call your attention again to this image:

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