June 7th, 2009


Tonight on CSI:Des Moines...

I have the old motherboard out. The mechanism that held the heat sink in close contact with the CPU broke somehow, and the CPU must have fried. (Looks like one of the tabs that holds the heat sink on broke off.)

If the heatsink can't be secured, there's no point in replacing the CPU, even assuming I can get a socket 754 CPU these days... but I could get a screw-in flavored heat sink, which would involve removing the thing with the busted tabs. Maybe...

UPDATE: No such luck, unless I want to try eBay.

UPDATE: Sure enough, eBay has some Athlon 64s up there... but holy cow, one of them's going for $120! (That's $120 with astonishment, not 120 factorial dollars. Even the Democratic Party would take a while to spend 120 factorial dollars.) For the prices the later ones are going for, you could get yourself a dual core AM2 ($120 is almost half again what I spent on a quad core--yeah, one with the TLB bug, but there's a workaround, and so far, it's doing reasonably) and a budget motherboard wouldn't be all that much. I think it's going to the recycler, who probably already has a socket 754 CPU sitting around to put together a system with.
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Let's see if we have this right...

Executives in corporations are demonized for their perks, company jets, and the like.

The head of the executive branch of the US government, OTOH, goes out for frequent date nights/weekends to Chicago, New York, Paris, and who knows where next, at enormous taxpayer expense, and... ?
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More stupid ads

This one is for an amplifier and earphone made to look like a Bluetooth headset so you can eavesdrop on birds and people, listen to TV without cranking the volume, and so forth. I always imagine someone approaching and saying "Hi" at normal volume and driving the sound to the pain level, but that's not the thing about this ad.

No, the stupid thing is how the announcer goes on and on about how, with this device, you can enjoy the wonders of "sonic hearing"! I guess that's as opposed to optical or thermal or electrical hearing.

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