May 3rd, 2009


Get your kicks on router DIR-655?

Well... Saturday morning, exactly one day after the 14 day return/exchange limit on stuff from Office Depot, I awoke to find myself without Internet. The D-Link DIR-655 router had only one LED blinking, the power LED. Going through the ISP's automated troubleshooting sequence included power cycling the router... after which zero LEDs were blinking. Bypassing the router gave me a connection again, but that's not going to help the Vonage setup or irpooh with connection.

The wall wart is cold, so I suspect it might be the real problem. I hope it is. (The outlet does have power.) Wish I could get to my multimeter so I could tell for sure.

[A few hours pass.]

We went to Office Depot, they took it back, and we got a new one in exchange. We're back on the air. Whew.

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"And you know two heads are better than one..."

There's a Staples in town now, and they made an offer I couldn't refuse--an Acer 19" widescreen LCD monitor for $90. The on-off switch proved a bit recalcitrant, but it's very nice--if there's a dead or stuck pixel, I don't see it--and I am now up with two monitors. Now to match colors and fiddle with the desktop a bit.

Dual head definitely beats one big honker monitor, I think.
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From parts east there came a bus...

Occasionally over the past few years I've occasionally noticed unusual buses. Apparently they're "party buses", tricked out with fancy lighting, a bar, and so forth.

irpooh suggested today that such a service could call itself "Orientis Party Bus".

(We pause here for groans from early music fans. In my case the groan is the "darn, I wish I had thought of that" variety.)

OK, so the rest of you can groan too: the reference is to a twelfth-century macaronic (of the Latin-French flavor) song for the "Feast of the Ass", known by its incipit (first few words), "Orientis partibus". (Lyrics with English translation, and more about the Feast of the Ass.)

It would be great... I'd love to see an ad for such a company with a twelfth-century jingle.

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