April 27th, 2009


Sort of Monty Python in reverse

You'll recall the episode where someone kept barging into sketches, cutting them off because they were entirely too silly?

I guess this LJ has been sort of the reverse. I took a look at my user info and saw that I said I'd be mostly silly, and that's certainly not been the case for quite a while. Unfortunately, it's not an easy time to be silly. Sorry about that.
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Hey sideband...

Be sure to head  over to google.com today. (No search bar, actually go to the page.) I think you'll be pleased.
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Terrifying a significant fraction of NYC for a photo op

One of the planes that serves at times as Air Force One (any airplane the President is in is Air Force One while he's in it) and an F-16 buzzed Lower Manhattan today, circling the Statue of Liberty. The NYPD and the city were informed of the flight, but word didn't get to the mayor. According to the Washington Post, NYPD says they were told not to tell anyone about it, but to direct questioners to the FAA.

I just want to know: who was the srizonified, intellectually deficient in comparison with a Zabriskan fontema (or khoogra depending on your SF preferences) creature who came up with this idea?
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