April 16th, 2009


Des Moines Tea Party

irpooh and I headed for the capitol for today's tea party in Des Moines.

It's estimated that 3,000 were in attendance. I was a little disappointed in that a portion of the speech and signage was off-topic, though I guess the recent brouhaha over same-sex marriage in Iowa made it more likely; the left will use that to try to smear everyone involved and divide and conquer. (Curiously, I noticed an Obama bumper sticker on one of the cars.)

I took some pictures, and will have those up soon--finally got around to setting up on flickr.

Then there was the news coverage: KCCI put a few seconds of footage from the event at the end of a segment that started with, gave the vast majority of time to, a gathering of about a hundred cyclists wanting a law changed after a trucker hit a cyclist last week.

I hope that something good comes of this; it will require continued effort.

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Death of a Router

Well... the Delphi (remember Delphi?) Java chat, which replaced their old chat program that ran on a central computer that you'd dial in to, doesn't work and play well with my 64-bit system. We thought it might have been a known bug that Jaunty Jackalope was, I think, going to fix, but then I tried running Firefox from a terminal, which would mean I'd see diagnostics that would normally fall in the bit bucket. By golly, there was an exception. Somebody read "100%" from some HTML and tried to hand it, including the "%", to a numeric conversion routine--instant barf. I'll be submitting that one to Delphi.

OK. Time to drop back to plan B, use the netbook. Fired it up, logged in, ran Firefox... whaddaya mean, offline mode? Turns out it had no Ethernet connection. Weird. I had it using wired Ethernet this afternoon at work, no problem. Tried some other cables. No difference... and then I noticed that other systems I had hooked up weren't working, either. I unplugged the netbook--and found only two of the three devices hooked up to the router were working.

The router, a Linksys BEFSR-41 (or something like that), has been running darned near constantly ever since I moved to cable, so (1) I can't complain and (2) I'm sure it's not worth trying to get it repaired. So, the $0x40 questions: (1) wireless or not, (2) gigabit or not? I'm leaning towards yes on (2), since my computer has gigabit ethernet, anything we go to in the future will have it, and we will want to shovel data between us quickly, and especially between us and file servers we put on the LAN. I'm tempted by wireless so we don't have to fiddle with cabling for the laptops and in case we want something like a Chumby in the bedroom someday.

I guess it had to happen someday. Sigh.

UPDATE: We zipped by Office Depot this morning and got a D-Link DIR-655 gigabit router supporting 802.11n draft as well as earlier wifi standards. It's up and going now, with default passwords changed and configured for WPA Personal, so the next thing is to try Billie's laptop and my netbook with wifi.
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