March 23rd, 2009


The Obamessiah versus Pronunciation

The One has been quite the source of gaffes, not that the MSM bothers to cover them. Here's the latest: at a roundtable on clean energy, Obama repeatedly praised a company called Orion Energy Systems, which no doubt pleased the CEO, who was present for the speech--save that the president apparently has never actually heard anyone say "Orion", because he always put the emphasis on the first syllable. More here at Power Line.

Not that legislators have a great record in this regard; students of Latin will cringe at the way members of the legal profession and legislators refer to adjourning sine die (literally "without [a] day [to reconvene]"), saying /SIGH-knee DYE/ rather than /SEE-nay DEE-ay/--but come on! Surely any member of Western Civilization has heard of the constellation, or the mythological figure (or the projects using the name).

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