March 15th, 2009


Guilty pleasures

OK, I confess. I occasionally indulge in really bad movies. Plan Nine from Outer Space, Surf Nazis Must Die, Luther the Geek, Robot Monster... I get a laugh from them.

There are musical equivalents as well: The Shaggs, for example, or Mrs. Miller. But Mrs. Miller does not hold a candle to the infamous operatic wannabe who nonetheless sold out Carnegie Hall: Florence Foster Jenkins. The Wikipedia article on her has an audio file of her amazing rendition of the Queen of the Night aria from The Magic Flute. Once you hear it, you will be forever changed.

That last bit carries on the journalistic tradition of writing, shall we say, ambiguous comments on La Jenkins's performance, e.g. "Her singing at its finest is reminiscent of the untrammeled swoop of some great bird." (It wasn't universal, though, as another reviewer wrote that she sounded "as if she were afflicted with low, nagging backache.")

A play (there's more than one!) about Mme. Jenkins will be performed in the Stoner Theater, and we'll be there this coming weekend sometime.

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We got a wireless keyboard with trackball and got around to hooking it up to irpooh 's old computer and then trying to bring it up connected to the new digital TV.

No such luck; POST beeps. One long, eight short--which is weird; we got a new (though older technology) AGP card for it, an Nvidia 6200. (One long, eight short appears to be "display/retrace test failed"(?))

Sigh. I was hoping we'd get a taste of HTPC before putting money into a serious one. More news as it happens. (One person says he corrected the problem by properly seating the graphics card. Maybe that's the problem here.)

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