March 11th, 2009


More about the "card check" law

Someone lacking the courage to identify him or herself posted a comment on an earlier post about the deceitfully-named "Employee Free Choice Act". There's an interesting article concerning this law that I commend to your attention. It gives the lie to the claims of the law's supporters.

UPDATE: Be sure to read rsteachout 's comment; the article is not, it would seem, the full story.

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Eee update

OK. I updated the BIOS, and it seemed to speed things up a little bit.

Right now, I'm reinstalling Ubuntu (um, gee, I thought it was Easy Peasy, but it's Ubuntu Eee) using the new Super Talent FPM32GRSE. It was easily recognized, and I have high hopes that it will speed things up considerably, judging by videos I've seen--but HOLY COW, are those recursively incestuous fornicating screws on the SSD tiny!

The little bitty Philips screwdriver in my cheap but reasonably effective CompUSA toolkit was right for the access cover, but far too big for the screws holding the SSD in. I couldn't find my little fold-up toolkit that had a bunch of those tiny jeweler/watchmaker style screwdrivers that you can use with one hand if need be. irpooh went to Big Lots today for some stuff, and got me a little box with tiny screwdrivers in it. I had to use the very tiniest of those tiny screwdrivers. You end up having to wait until you remove the SSD to remove the screws, and you have to put the screws in the incoming SSD before you slide it in the slot. Otherwise, as they say these days, MASSIVE FAIL. You have zero chance of getting them in safely otherwise.

The installation was quick. Firefox came up and responded much more quickly. I think I will be a happy camper--especially once I get Easy Peasy installed--or, as is awfully tempting, I go for the new Elive that has E17 and Compiz both.

Later tonight, once the installation is done, I will go back in and try the RAM upgrade. It should be easy in comparison.

UPDATE: w00t! It was easier, and now my little Eee flies. (Gee, I woulda sworn I had Easy Peasy on that flash drive...)
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