February 25th, 2009



Last year we headed down to Missouri for a meeting on computer and web resources for research into SCA-related topics. We took along irpooh 's then-new Dell laptop, on which we had Ubuntu Hardy Heron installed. We'd put a bunch of fonts that we've found that we like (or, in a few cases, that irpooh likes; I'm a bit too finicky when it comes to type faces) on it, and we had the neat abstract heron drawn from distorted Ubuntu logos as wallpaper. Many excellent sources of information and suggestions on how to organize and keep track of things were shared.. and towards the end of the day we brought our laptop up front so that one of the presenters could give an impromptu lesson in the basics of OpenOffice.. What struck me, though, was that what really attracted people was the wallpaper and one of the fonts we happened to pull up that had caps done up in boxes with foliage.

I thought of that when I happened across a mention in this week's Distrowatch Weekly that is so cool that I am seriously thinking about putting it on my Eee at least (sigh; if only there were a 64-bit version!); MoonOS. It is Ubuntu based (the current version is based on Intrepid Ibex), and uses Enlightenment version 17 and LXDE so it can work well on less graphically-endowed systems (though the Live CD will offer to install proprietary graphics drivers if they exist for your hardware). The distribution is designed by a Cambodian artist, Chanrithy Thim, and it really shows. It is highly impressive.

I'm awaiting approval for putting it up with links on the Concentio Agnorum web site; they need some more readily accessible sites from which it can be retrieved.

UPDATE: permission received: get the ISO and md5 file. 32-bit versions only so far, alas..

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