February 10th, 2009


Golden Turkey

In the classic book The Golden Turkey Awards, there's an image of the Bee Gees and George Burns frozen, no doubt, in the middle of the climactic last line of some Beatles song, posed around a giant dripping cheeseburger in a frame from that ghastly piece of cinematic garbage, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The caption is something like "the Bee Gees and George Burns plead with the audience to accept their cinematic cheeseburger."

Last night, the Obamessiah conducted a press conference trying to sell his giant dripping cheeseburger of a "stimulus" package. It's dangerously close to passing, and a Democratic senator let the cat out of the bag on Meet the Press: the cuts are just for show to con the rubes, they will all come back in appropriations bills. Please contact your Congresscritters and express your opinion of the package (I kind of like the name "Porkulus" that I've seen on some blogs).

UPDATE: It's not all about spending. Hidden amidst the pork is a new bureaucracy that will decide what medical treatments are cost effective and penalize doctors who go beyond what the government thinks is proper. Details here.

UPDATE: The Congressional Budget Office says that the economy will recover without the stimulus package--that the package is worse than doing nothing.

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Smart advertising

I saw a good ad for skin lotion for men the other day. The usual skin lotion ad targets women--keeps your skin silky smooth, fights aging, yadda yadda yadda. This one, though, touted the lotion's ability to maintain your skin's structural integrity. Hey, it's a guy thing.

About the only thing they could have done better would be something like this:

[solo snare drum, a la the A Team intro]

[stern male announcer] Your skin is your outer perimeter, the first line of defense against ever-present invaders that would feast on you. Extreme climatic conditions can breach that defense, allowing those invaders through.

[martial music]

[announcer] Defend yourself! Maintain your outer perimeter with [insert brand here] Advanced Skin Protection System... because the enemy is always looking for weakness.

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