February 5th, 2009


Limits on income

The Obamessiah is trying to shore up support for the "stimulus" package by stirring up the old envy, proposing that companies be required to impose limits on executive compensation to get stimulus money.

That reminds me of something I thought of long ago... how about setting the pay for Congress and the President and Vice-President to the median income of their constituents? (Median, not arithmetic mean, which is too much influenced by outliers.)
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Side effects of insomnia

You get to memorizing public service announcements, and worse yet, the order in which they tend to appear.

"...shivving each other--"
"It's a verb--to shank?"

Then there are the other ads, like one for a blood glucose meter that announces the reading and lets one puncture oneself in places other than one's finger:

"I test on my arm, and I can barely feel it," a little old lady says.

I want her to shriek, "AAAAAAARGH! I CAN BARELY FEEL MY ARM!"

Later the kindly announcer says "Hearing the reading confirms accuracy." Yeah... I know the meter got the right result, because it READ it to me!

Hey, it's three in the morning. I'll take what humor I can get.
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The Democrats are pretty desperate to ram through their gigantic spending package.

Just listen to Speaker of the House Pelosi... 500 million Americans lose their jobs every month that goes by without the package! (Quite a trick, since there are only about 300 million Americans.)

Now, the Obamessiah says we'll go into an irreversible recession if the package isn't passed.

Reminds me of the high-pressure salesmen that tried to browbeat my parents into buying some land--they had to do it right then! It was a swindle then, and I'm sure it's a swindle now. The Democrats are anxious, polls are showing the popularity of the Mother of All Porkbarrels falling quickly, I'm hoping that they can't shove it down our throats.

UPDATE: so much for the Obamessiah's saying "we have chosen hope over fear". Read what Charles Krauthammer has to say about this debacle.
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