February 4th, 2009


Making excuses

So now that some of the Obamessiah's nominees for government positions have turned out to not paid their taxes, we have the spectacle of the CBS Early Show running a segment with someone from H&R Block enumerating situations in which someone might make a mistake about what is taxable income or what is deductible. See? Everybody makes mistakes.

Anyone care to hazard a guess about whether there'd be a similar bit of rationalization were it Republicans or CEOs who'd fallen afoul of the IRS?

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The digital TV has arrived

It's here, and it looks really nice. (You can connect a USB device to it and view images or play MP3s; pretty neat.) Once we're set up with DirecTV, it will be even better.

It has a VGA and audio input for a computer, should we decide to go that route.

I think I will be very happy to get away from Mediacom. The technicians are very capable... it's just that the company's offerings stink in comparison. (OK, I will miss the Classic Arts Showcase feed on the city government channel, but that's about it.)
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