January 28th, 2009


The kind of remote computer assistance I like...

Part One: Got a call from my sister--the old Canon printer she'd been using was broken, and my niece had a paper due. Chance that the printer was worth trying to get fixed: epsilon or less.

Consulted openprinting.org and compared with the printers advertised on various big box stores near them, and the HP OfficeJet Pro K5400 turned out to be not too expensive (she's an artist, and we talked about the huge roll-fed printers for a minute but decided against them *sigh*), described as fast and relatively low in cost per page, and listed as working perfectly with Linux. There was one in stock, and USB devices obligingly announce themselves, so installation was trivial. (That part I didn't even have to talk them through.) They liked the results enough that I'm thinking about getting one myself.

Part Two: While on the phone with them, I mentioned in passing that I'd bought a Logitech USB headset at Wally World which worked nicely with Ekiga and Skype, and if they got one they could use those two programs to talk with anyone who had a SIP URL for free. They got one, and last night I talked her through the configuration wizard and setting up a free account at ekiga.net, and called to confirm that it was working. Toughest part: the bizarro world data entry on the field on the web page where you choose your username--they felt the need to have it highlighted and filling in what you type right justified.

I should nudge my sister to follow through and notify Office Max and Wally World that they got her business only because she happened to know that the products work with Linux, and they'd get more business from her and those like her if they were to make it clear in their stores which of their peripherals work with Linux.
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The sublime thoughts of Chairman Obama

The worship of our Dear Leader goes on; it's beyond parody. The latest: Pocket Obama. Unlike Mao's Little Red Book, this is a little blue book. From the ad: "It is an unofficial requirement for every citizen to own, to read, and to carry this book at all times"
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When a high-pressure salesman insists on an immediate decision, that's a sign you're being scammed.

OTOH, when the Obamessiah insists that immediate passage of a gigantic spending plan (and as someone has pointed out, the insane levels of spending will no doubt become the new baseline--don't expect them to EVER go down if passed), it's...
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Writer's Block: You Wouldn't Understand

(This is provoked by something LJ does periodically, i.e. pose a question to stimulate responses, hence overcoming "writer's block". If you click on the button to answer the question posed, you're sent to the usual page to post an entry that appears to have the text of the question and the "answer" button in place, but if you try to append your answer to it, you find you can't--so, to make sense out of what follows, here's the question: what private phrase or word do you or you and a few others use that has to be explained to those outside the in-group?)

I can't say whether I saw "proctalgia" (as a learned euphemism for "pain in the ass") before I started using it, but I think that I at least independently invented "monogluteal" as a similar learned euphemism for "half-assed".