December 16th, 2008



I'm typing this on the Eee 900A running Ubuntu Eee. Yay!

UPDATE: There was, as people reported, about 1.5 GB free after an install; we'll see how much is left after the update finishes running. (I'm typing this on the home computer.) The display is very sharp--I haven't gone in to see whether it's doing subpixel rendering yet.

A 32 GB SSD should be on its way, and I am sure I'll add another GB of RAM to it. I'll give the keyboard a fair chance, and maybe even the touchpad, which I usually despise on laptops. If the Ubuntu Eee driver for it supports two-fingered operation as Xandros does, I'll be impressed--but I suspect I'll still get a trackball or mouse.

The Best Buy version of the Eee 900A does not have the built-in webcam, but it does do wireless.
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