December 13th, 2008



We went to Best Buy so irpooh could show me a purple phone that she was interested in, until we found out how much they hit you for if you are in mid-contract.

So, she went to look at KitchenAid devices, and I headed over to the computer area to argue with myself about a faster graphics card. (It lost; I can get along with what I have for now.) But then I headed to the aisle with the laptops... and there sat an Eee! This was one with Linux, and it was on sale for $300. It was an Eee 900a, white, and running Xandros Linux with the UI they did particularly for the Eee.

There was one with a larger screen and I believe larger keys, and a hard drive with moving parts, but it was contaminated with Windows. (I made a point of asking one of the salespeople about a larger one with Linux, and used that phrase when I put the question to him: "Are there any of the larger Eees that aren't contaminated with Windows?" Yes, I could probably wipe the drive and install Linux, but it's a matter of principle; I want none of my money to go to the Evil Empire.)

So, I think I have an early Christmas present. (I have to admit that irpooh hasn't used what is supposed to be her laptop very much.) I will give Xandros a try, but may end up putting Ubuntu on it... but what window manager? Perhaps icewm, fluxbox, or e17. Something economical.

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