December 6th, 2008


KDE 4.2 beta is out...

...and I'm thinking I will take the plunge and switch, at the latest when 4.2 becomes official.

gnome-screensaver was the straw for this particular camel, and judging by the comments in the Ubuntu forums and in the GNOME bugzille for the bug that screensavers aren't configurable under gnome-screensaver, for others as well. Here's what happened: with no apparent discussion, one arrogant jerk decided that users can't be trusted to configure their screensaver... after all, they could make GLtext display dirty words! Besides, this is GNOME; things should just work. We know better than you do what you should have.

So gnome-screensaver is now like DRM; you, the user, are the enemy. You can't be allowed to configure things, because you might do something offensive.

I am therefore saying to hell with GNOME, until gnome-screensaver is fixed or replaced.
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