November 23rd, 2008


The Hildebeast Has Her Demands

According to the Independent, the Hildebeast insisted on some things before she'd accept the position of Secretary of State:
  • Those on the Obama campaign who pointed out that being First Lady is not much in the way of preparation for the 3:00 a.m. call of the Clinton commercial, or pointed out that her story of arriving in Bosnia under sniper fire was incompatible with the facts, must be purged.
  • She must have direct access to The One.
  • She must have total control over staff appointments to the State Department.
...and the Obamessiah has given in to those demands.
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Have we changed yet?

Byron York writes about the major change from Clinton administration personnel in 1993-2001 to... Clinton administration personnel in 2009-2013 (or maybe 2009-2017, if worse comes to worst). So... that's change; how are we doing for hope?
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