November 17th, 2008


Fair Tax Rally

Read about it here.

The backpedaling is already starting about the "tax cuts"; the AP is reporting a survey that claims people think other things are more important, providing cover for the Obama administration to put them off, despite the campaign's endless hammering of that bogus claim. (You can't cut taxes of people who don't pay them, and a hefty pecentage of the population doesn't pay income tax; the Obama campaign relabels "welfare" (which people don't like) as "tax cuts" (which people do), just as Clinton always talked about government spending as "investment.")

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Rewriting history

The Obama website has already done a Winston Smith on the issue of mandatory volunteer service. Now it's done it on foreign aid... well, actually, on just about everything.

"Here’s some change that supporters of President-elect Obama may not want to see: all of the policy commitments on specific issues have been removed from his transition Web site."

Details here.

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