November 11th, 2008


One reason I'm not a good announcer...

Some things I might have to say just make me laugh.

Back during GHW Bush's presidency, one would hear that the President had gone to Kennebunkport for the weekend. I'm sorry, but there's just something inherently funny about that name.

Back during WW II, my paternal grandparents and my father moved for a time to Sopchoppy, Florida. Again... I can't say that name with a straight face.

Ditto for Gotebo and Bugtussle, two towns in Oklahoma. (The stress is on the first and last syllables of Gotebo; it's pronounced as if it were two words, "goaty bow"--that being risible in its own right.)

Nor could I have been a BBC newsreader back during the day of Solidarnosc; back then I would always hear the BBC World Service say something about what the "Polish primate" had done or said.. An image of a chimp wearing a bishop's miter would immediately pop into my head.
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Man arrested for wearing a McCain T-shirt to an Obama victory rally

Video here.

The overlays and link about Obama being the Antichrist are stupid, but that's irrelevant.

UPDATE: More fun in the post-election celebration: "White [expletive], [expletive] McCain -- you white police can't do nothing any more." To the surprise of the woman who said that and then reached inside the cop car and slapped one of the officers, they could do something; they arrested her.
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