October 30th, 2008


His Brother's Keeper, part two...

You'll recall that Obama's half-brother is living on $12 a month in a metal shed in Kenya. Now the aunt and "Uncle Omar" so affectionately written about in Dreams from My Father have turned up. The aunt is living in a Boston slum; Uncle Omar was thrown out of his one-bedroom apartment for being about $2300 in arrears.

You won't read about this in the US media; the report is in the London Times.

The aunt says she can't answer questions until after the election... so it would seem that the campaign was able to contact her to shut her up, but The One couldn't be bothered to help her.

UPDATE: Info on how well Obama and Biden do at spreading their own wealth around, as opposed to seizing other people's wealth and spreading it around, from Bizzyblog.

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