October 21st, 2008


Vote fraud? Complying with the law? Who cares?

The DC Examiner comments on two cases: in one, the Attorney General seems unconcerned that the Secretary of State is refusing to provide information needed to comply with the Help America Vote Act by verifying the accuracy of an unprecedented 660,000 applications for early voting. In the other, the DOJ has indicted a California Congressional candidate for sending out a letter encouraging Latinos to vote but warning that illegal aliens could be subject to prosecution if they try to vote.

Interestingly, DC DOJ attorneys and staff have contributed at least $150,000 to the Obama campaign.

UPDATE: It would, of course, be interesting to know how much they've contributed to McCain... but OTOH, wouldn't donating to either give the appearance of impropriety or conflict of interest?

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Kick-ass development for heart surgery

Harvard and Children's Hospital Boston have developed a technique for heart surgery without having to stop the patient's heart. 3-D ultrasound images are used to figure out and compensate for the motion, so a surgeon may someday be able to work on a heart valve while the heart is still going.

Hot expletive!

Details at Technology Review.

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