October 14th, 2008


More on ACORN

From JammieWearingFool: ACORN turns in 5,000 voter registration forms in Indiana. Election officials start checking them out, and give up after every one of the first 2,100 they look at prove fraudulent. Amazingly, CNN actually reported on it, but even then the most one of the people commenting on it could muster is to say it "could be interesting."

UPDATE: Instapundit mentions the JWF post. Read the comments.

UPDATE: Instapundit provides a pointer to a summary of ACORN voter fraud. Read the comments in the Instapundit post; in a way, ACORN is conducting a DOS attack on the voter registration process. If you're an individual trying to register near the deadline where ACORN is submitting thousands of bogus voter registration forms, will your efforts be impeded?
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Howard Stern actually does something interesting

So, are blacks voting for Obama solely because he's black? I'm not sure what one can infer from the following about the answer to that question, but Stern sent someone out to do a man-in-the-street interview attributing McCain's positions to Obama, and asking people whether they were in agreement with those views. (The capper: "If Obama is elected, do you approve of Sarah Palin being vice-president?")

YouTube "video" (with a still of Stern--sorry...):

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First Amendment? What First Amendment?

You'll recall how a lawyer for the Obama campaign sent off letters threatening the license renewal of TV and radio stations that ran ads pointing out The One's record of voting on gun-related bills, and how the Obama campaign organized people to flood talk shows featuring people less than worshipful of the Obamessiah with calls and email (think of it as a sort of DDOS attack for the phone system).

Recall also how many Democrats favor reinstatement of the "Fairness Doctrine", viewing it as a way to force conservative talk radio off the air (can radio stations afford being forced to devote airtime to left-leaning shows, which are far less popular? Air America Radio is limping along on, if I counted correctly, sixty-something stations; while I don't have a World Radio-TV Handbook at hand, I bet none of them are "50,000-watt blowtorches." I thought that they'd gotten onto satellite radio as well, but if they have, I can't find it mentioned on their web site). The One says he doesn't favor it... but would he veto it? I doubt it.

Here's something you may not know, though: one of the Obamessiah's advisors is law professor Cass Sunstein, and he's in favor of a Fairness Doctrine for the Internet.

The blogosphere and talk radio are the remaining US media not a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party. (OK, there are some newspapers, but newspapers are dinosaurs in their death throes.) In an Obama administration, they may well come under attack.

Some of the above is from this Investor's Business Daily editorial by Brian Anderson. I'm not sure I agree with his notions about the consequences of net neutrality, but OTOH, we all know about the Law of Unintended Consequences. (Income tax was initially pushed as something that would only apply to the very rich, and might rise as high as, say, three percent; when "equal opportunity" law was first under discussion in Congress, its proponents swore up and down that it couldn't possibly lead to quotas...).

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