October 8th, 2008


Obama Jugend, part 2

There's a video of the "Obama Youth Junior Fraternity Regiment"; it's been taken off YouTube (does anyone know of another source)? The uniformed young men pledge allegiance to Barack Obama and chant their worship of The One.

More info at NewsBusters and at the Sun-Times.

UPDATE: The Jawa Report (at least as I write this) has a link to the video that works. Don't stop there, though; read the comments, including a quote from a Sun-Times article from a year ago, titled "Ruthless for Obama":

"The next tip is to be absolutely ruthless," Jocelyn Woodards tells the campers. "We want you to be determined, ambitious, take a risk."

No toasted marshmallows here. This is the second day of Camp Obama, a two-day (sometimes four-day) intensive training course in becoming an activist to help get Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) elected president.

"It's not enough for you to be a supporter of Barack. You have to go out and build an organization that will deliver votes for Barack Obama," Woodards tells the 40 campers -- most in their 20s -- from around the country gathered at the campaign's national headquarters in the West Loop....

Obama is not like other candidates, and part of this training is learning to mimic the methods he used before he was an elected official -- back when he was a community organizer in Chicago following the textbook of legendary agitator Saul Alinsky.
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Sigh... and I rather liked that show, too.

I kind of like Criminal Minds, though I can understand why Mandy Patinkin was less than happy with the direction the show was headed.

Tonight, though, they did something pretty darned offensive--the show is about a Branch Davidian-like group... and good heavens, they're... (shudder).... libertarians!

Good grief.

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