October 6th, 2008


"Joe Six-Pack"

Apparently Sarah Palin made a reference to "Joe Six-Pack", and there's a revisionist LJ entry being linked to that tries to draw a wide variety of people under that label and, ironically, bash conservatives for stereotyping JSP.

Googling JSP now turns up quite a few references to Palin. I dare say, though, if one could fire up the Wayback Machine and search before Ms. Palin uttered the J-name, one would find the kind of derisive references from the left that even the revisionist, having some residual shred of intellectual honesty, has to nod to, like, say, this from insidebayarea.com, where JSP is painted as a "mind-numbed robot" who, after a day of (supposedly) benefiting from the nanny state, parrots conservative "hate radio" and decries government interference in his life. I never saw any attempt by leftists to wrap themselves in the "Joe Six-Pack" flag before Palin's use of the phrase--or, for that matter, I don't recall anyone thus labeling him or herself.

I have to wonder whether Palin was trying to "reclaim" the phrase, as "queer" was reclaimed.

P.S. In a weird turn of events, if you do Google "joe six-pack", near the very top, even now, is a link to a site that describes itself as "the manly TG site." Huh?!

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