September 20th, 2008


A must-read from Bill Whittle

"The Undefended City." A pertinent section:

The Russians say a fish rots from the head down. They ought to know. It may not be factually true that Nero fiddled while Rome burned, the saying has passed into common usage because the image as the ring of truth to it: time and time again, the good and decent common people have manned the walls of the city, and have been ready to give their lives in its defense, only to discover too late that some silk-robed son of a bitch has snuck out of the palace at midnight and thrown open the gates to the barbarians outside.

As they say on Instapundit, read the whole thing.
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The LCD is here...

It will be a day or two until it's in place, thanks to the deferred last weekend of the Des Moines Renaissance Fair.

I kind of desperately needed the weekend off, but the raining out of the fair last weekend, while unavoidable, is going to cause trouble. Some acts and merchants were already committed elsewhere for this weekend; apparently they have tried to get some acts to fill in, but a comparison of the first two weekends with the current schedule for this weekend shows some hefty gaps remaining. Also, I've not seen any advertising of the postponed last weekend on TV or in Cityview or the Des Moines Register.

The fair's web site, and are all I've seen mentioning the move of the last weekend. (And aside from looking there for info about DMRF, I couldn't tell you when the last time I looked at was.)

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