September 4th, 2008


Am I overlooking something?

I just saw a TV ad for the DMRF, mentioning "three unique themes", and did a double take; pirates, Scotsmen, and romance are staples of Renaissance fairs. (Let's skip the question of what pirates and Scotsmen were actually like during the Renaissance versus what you see at Renaissance fairs for now, OK?)

That induced me to head over to the KCRF web site, where I found something that surprised me greatly: they have a page listing the "cast" (who plays the queen, the king, and so forth), but if you want to find out who's performing--is Brollywacker there? Jem Moore? Madrigalia Bar Nonne? Shiilelagh Law?--you can't. There is nothing I can find on the web site that mentions a single musical group or acting troupe that is performing there... or anyone else, for that matter. If you want to know where and when you can see the folks who show the birds of prey, well, you can't. From the web site, you can't even tell if they're there at all!

I don't think I overlooked anything, but I suppose it's possible. This doesn't speak very well for the fair, IMHO.

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