August 25th, 2008


The sigh heard 'round the world

I was starting to hear a click or rattle from Eeyore 2. It came and went, but as it seemed to come from the front, I was fearing the worst: hard drive bearings.

The Apevia QPack 2 has an 80mm fan at the front, so just in case, I sent my wife off to get one of them. If replacing it didn't fix things, time to make a backup immediately and look for another hard drive.

Well... I didn't even need to do that, it turned out. While I had it open, it was well past time to blow out the dust. Darn, one of the two fans on the CPU was sounding nasty when decelerating after being spun up by  a strong shot of canned air...

That was the problem. A SATA cable was getting a litttle too close and getting bumped by the fan, and given the openings in the case, just about anything would sound like it was at the front. It's safely out of the way now, and things are far, far quieter. Time for me to learn the proper use of cable ties.
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