August 18th, 2008


Yet another Obama gaffe...

Insinuating that the Republicans will try to exploit his race:

"[Republicans will say] 'You know, he doesn't look like those other presidents on those dollar bills, you know. He's risky'."

Last time I looked, there was only one president on those dollar bills: George Washington.

If GWB had said that, you'd never hear the end of it. Barack Obama actually is what people said Dan Quayle was, but because he's a Democrat, it's all swept under the rug.

The weird part is: people actually try to rationalize Obama's foot-in-mouth disease. I once brought up the "fifty-seven states" line; I got a fund-raising request with a postage-paid envelope, and took advantage of the opportunity to write on it:

"Dear Senator Obama,

I don't know how you got the impression I'm a Democrat. I'm a Republican. Perhaps you'd have better luck raising funds in one of the other fifty-six states."

When I told people about it, people actually said "Well, let's see--if you count Guam, American Samoa, ..." and stood there, trying to think of enough protectorates and such to come up with fifty-seven.

UPDATE: Eep. I wrote that I am a libertarian, which I am. I just registered Republican when I came to Iowa so I could do what I could to keep Pat Robertson from coming out ahead in the caucuses that year.
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