August 10th, 2008


Iowa State Fair 2008, Part Two

Well, I went there on Friday, to take pictures of the VSA Iowa ceremony they have each year on the first Friday of the fair.

(Sorry, it's "VSA arts of Iowa," a name created by the Department of Redundancy Department, since VSA stands for "Very Special Arts".)

It was fun. New Visions Dance performed, and they are always a joy to watch. (Not to mention that they dance far better than I can.) People were recognized for the work they do for the very worthy cause of VSA arts. Denise Shipler sang, and she's a joy to listen to.

I was lazy and didn't wander about much. That was my downfall, thanks to Bob the Builder. OK, I can see Bob the Builder's good side. He's no Purple Hellwyrm, but the repetition that children delight in takes its toll on adults. By the end of the day, the theme music was indelibly imprinted in my brain, and I was thinking about a possible Bob the Builder covers Metallica CD, Appetite for Construction.

Just before we headed out for the day, I saw something quintessentially Iowan and American. An Indian (from India, not Native American) family came to the Fun Forest Stage: mother in a delicately colored sari, daughter in American clothing... and father in khakis and short-sleeved shirt with a seed or tractor cap on (I didn't get close enough to see which). It did my heart good.
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